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Les Twins reenact cognac-making through movement

The collaboration between Les Twins and Hennessy Very Special distils the brand’s eclectic, globe-trotting approach to cognac-making, one that culminated after the duo visited Cognac. The result? A transformation in both its appearance and traditional art, one that marks a brand-new horizon.

Hennessy Very Special x Les Twins

The term “cultural reset” has become a classification in meme discourse for an artist or a moment in entertainment that changed the collective outlook. The urban movement creators, Les Twins, should likely be considered as the cultural reset of the twenty-tens new-style hip-hop dancing culture. Early in the duo’s career, they became known as the “creators of street movement,” a style of dancing in duplet patterns that would conquer the street culture landscape. “Our movement is what makes us unique, it’s like a digital fingerprint — it’s a style and a signature, our DNA. It lets us transform emotion — everything we’ve experienced, everything we are is right there in our moves.“

Hennessy Very Special x Les Twins

Les Twins, who grew up in Sarcelles, near Paris, in the nineteen-nineties, generate virtuosic dance moves so refined in structure and emotion that, when visiting Cognac, they saw the parallels to cognac-making. “Dance is a mix of different, unique movements, vectors of emotion, and the art of blending depends on the emotions in different notes and unique eaux-de-vie. We’re both always striving to create emotion. We both seek harmony, in movement and in nature. Every step is important. Working with Maison Hennessy is like going onstage with new energy. And Maison Hennessy’s not afraid to mix things up."

Hennessy Very Special x Les Twins

Before Laurent and Larry Bourgeois visited Cognac, The Maison Hennessy seemed both ubiquitous and retro. For them, this exuberant style of savoir-faire represented an overpowering brand. “The reason we wanted to collaborate with Hennessy is because there’s an incredible story behind it, something real, built on genuine savoir-faire. But we didn’t realize how major it was until we got to Cognac. It was like walking into a chapter of French history – a cocoon that tells the story of the Maison Hennessy – where every step of the creative process is totally mastered.”

Hennessy Very Special x Les Twins

Inseparable as they are – every one of their dance moves seems so synchronized, to a level that it feels telepathic. Laurent is a hooks-first mover, shaker, and dancer, who is reliant on Larry. Larry deploys robust moves and blitzing mentality to steamroll through the divots in beats in the way that a continuous track on repeat might do. Together they slip from one space into the next with finesse, like a locksmith meticulously working his way through a labyrinth full of doors – a creative process that can be seen throughout the collaboration: “We wanted to express the Maison’s entire creative process through movement. Larry was wood and fire; I was the earth and the grapevine as it grows, through the seasons. When we dance, we bring together elements people may not know about, and we become those things, deeply, you can see it and it goes very quickly. So we created three movements that allowed us to really blend everything together, culminating in the two stances depicted on the carafe and packaging.”

Hennessy Very Special x Les Twins

They remained so committed to the reenactment, to the meticulous aesthetic, that the final artwork became extraordinarily moving on many levels. “I think our second visit to Cognac was when we really understood. Learning the Maison’s history changed everything for us; we weren’t the same after that, it was mind-blowing. We knew that Hennessy is luxurious, but when we set foot there and understood the story behind it, and all the steps that go into making Hennessy cognac, we said to ourselves that everyone should know more about it. Hennessy is intertwined with the history of France. It’s a love story about preserving land for future generations. Believe it or not, it resonates with Les Twins’ story. Like Hennessy, we had to stick together, change people’s minds, and just forge ahead.”

  • Hennessy V.S x Les Twins "LIL BEAST"

    The art of creating Hennessy Very Special reveals surprising parallels with the world of dance. Using motion capture technology, Maison Hennessy preserved the exhilarating energy of Les Twins’ live performance and transposed those digital images into an original limited edition design. For the first time, a single limited edition is represented by two complementary graphic designs: each bottle features a likeness of either Laurent or Larry.

  • Hennessy V.S x Les Twins "CA BLAZE"

    For the Hennessy Very Special 2021 limited edition, the French urban movement creators Laurent and Larry Bourgeois express the pulse of street culture in a dual design incorporating freestyle dance, original music and the Maison’s first-ever fashion capsule collection. Far more than a classic collaboration, this Hennessy Very Special partnership marks a brand-new horizon and a groundbreaking meeting of minds.