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Nas Tribute by Kennedy Yanko

Hennessy Tribute to Hip Hop Icon Nas, created by renowned artist Kennedy Yanko

Nas Tribute piece and limited edition Hennessy bottle created by Kennedy Yanko

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and the 50th birthday of long time partner Nas, Hennessy commissioned renowned artist, Kennedy Yanko to create a one of one tribute piece to gift the icon. The sculpture features a custom Hennessy V.S bottle design to commemorate the milestone occasion.

Kennedy Yanko shares, “The expression found in the lyrics and medium of Hip Hop are soft and hard, have gravity and transmute experiences. In this way, my tribute piece—created from soft and hard, heavy and enduring materials—embodies and honors the movement. It embodies what I think of when I reflect on Nas, his constitution, his contributions and his legacy.”

Limited Edition Hennessy bottle sitting in a glorifier by renowned artist Kennedy Yanko


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Nas Tribute Glorifier

Join Hennessy in celebrating the Hip Hop Icon Nas with your own custom Hennessy V.S bottle and tribute glorifer by renowned artist Kennedy Yanko. This release is limited to only 20 pieces. Sign up to be notified when it becomes available.