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Every limited edition bottle of Hennessy 8 is a story of craftsmanship. Of legacy. And of true savoir-faire at every step of the creative process.

Limited edition bottle of Hennessy 8,


Two families are behind this singular savoir-faire. The Hennessys and the Fillioux. 8 generations – so far - have inherited and passed on their expertise to their descendants.
Hennessy 8 celebrates not just the 8 rare eaux-de-vie that make up its exclusive blend, but the 7th Fillioux to be Master Blender, Yann, passing the baton to the 8th, his nephew Renaud Fillioux de Gironde.



Hennessy 8 releases are one of a kind creations, celebrating savoir-faire at every turn.
Its carafe is an artistic masterpiece designed by Arik Levy. 8 rings symbolizing 8 generations of Hennessy Master Blenders. Crafted by Baccarat, blown, cut and engraved by hand. Encasing the carafe, an ode to nature, to human creativity. Inimitable patrimony,
signed by Hennessy. 


Created by Maurice Fillioux in 1979, the cognac Hennessy Paradis is known for its voluptuous and harmonious aroma.
It consists of eaux-de-vie, which are a reflection of the personality of such a delightful cognac: supple, light and round.
They are blended into an excellent cognac defined by its graceful, silky character, highlighting its finely nuanced and harmoniously balanced aromatic qualities.
Its superb display of coppery gold colours is an indication of the many years it has spent ageing in old casks.