Hennessy partners with A$AP Ferg to create an exclusive track and a signature painting that express what it means to Never stop. Never settle.

A$AP Ferg lives to create. His infectious drive and determination propels him to success on and off the mic. Not only a renowned rapper, Ferg is also a talented painter, business owner and entrepreneur. His pursuit to push the limits of potential in every area of his talents is a perfect embodiment of the Hennessy mantra: Never stop. Never settle. In the spirit of this shared drive, A$AP Ferg joined forces with Hennessy to release an exclusive new track, and to create an original painting for the cover art. The song, “Family,” explores the Harlem native’s roots and inspiration, and embraces the strong lineage of Ferg’s family traditions. It is rooted in the same values that have guided eight generations of Fillioux family Master Blenders in advancing Hennessy’s enduring pursuit of perfection in Cognac.