Hennessy REP YOURS

A celebration of global Hip Hop culture

Hennessy introduces #RepYours

Hip Hop was born in the Bronx and raised globally. From different coasts to different continents, its evolution has connected artists around the world through its distinctive culture and craft.

Hennessy emerged as a part of that culture at its height and is honored to celebrate hip hop with those who have defined it for the last 50 years and those who are informing it for the next 50.

#RepYours showcases how Hip Hop has impacted lives and communities around the world.

For the #7 episode we land in Montreal with the iconic rapper of the city Loud who shares his passion for the NYC rap culture.


Award winning, recording and performing artist, humanitarian and entrepreneur from Nairobi, Kenya

Octopizzo is a Kenyan hip hop and rap artist who has taken East Africa by storm. Born and raised in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, Octopizzo has been making music since 2009. His passion for music created an opportunity to tell his story, inspire his community and has allowed him to travel the world.

For Octopizzo "Hip Hop is the best friend he never asked for"

"I only live for rap, I do rap 100%"

"My music is here to make people to ask questions about how they are living"


Award-winning Ghanaian musician, rapper and record producer

M.anifest is an award-winning artist from Ghana known for lyricism and intriguing sonic hybrids of African popular music and Hip Hop.

M.anifest discovered hip hop at around four years old in his neighborhood: “it was everywhere”

Nas has always been an inspiration to M.anifest for “his lyricism, his ability to be authentic”

"In the next 50 years, I see hip hop still being able to be significant and influential”


Ugandan rapper and record producer

Navio who has just celebrated his 20 year career anniversary through a legendary concert in Kampala proudly supported by Hennessy, is a rap legend from Uganda. Navio was part of the award-winning hip hop group Klear Kut that introduced the term "Ugaflow" to describe Uganda's hip hop scene.

For Navio, "Nas is effortlessness, he's authentically himself through the whole creative process”

"My music represents Africa first and foremost. It represents hope, it represents truth”

Navio believes that community is at the heart of everything he does

Benjamin Epps

Gabonese Rapper and BET's Best International Flow Award Winner

Benjamin, originally from Gabon in 1996, moved to France as he was influenced by the international Hip Hop scene incorporating American, French and African infuences that have shaped his craft. Watch his video to find out more. While Benjamin Epps is about to pack the iconic Paris Concert Hall "L'Olympia" on November 30th, he tooks the time to discuss with Hennessy about his passion for Hip Hop.

Benjamin’s passion for hip hop culture shaped a self-made style and inspired his career

"New York is the birthplace of hip-hop so it feels like home to me"

His work contains Hip Hop references from around the world but Benjamin Epps has made it his own


South African rapper, songwriter and record producer

A-Reece is a South African rapper, songwriter and record producer and is becoming one of the biggest figures in South Africa's hip-hop scene. In October 2023, he has released his third highly anticipated album "P2: the big hearted guy".

A-Reece finds most of his inspiration from observing, listening, watching within his community

We're all one, so I just feel like me being there gives me a reason to have a story to tell

Nas as a lyrical God, I love the way he writes he's super descriptive and that's how I like to write

Gera MX

Mexican Rapper

Gera MX found his love for music in highschool where he used to compose and freestyle with his classmates. He has since become a global star and is currently one of the top 3 most important Mexican rappers in the hip-hop scene nationally and worldwide.

Gera MX “never had a plan B, only a plan A, which was to rap."

The Mexican rapper pays homage to the boom-bap sonics of his forefathers

He is known for his unique style that fuses traditional Mexican music with urban beats


Canadian Rapper

Loud is Canadian rapper from Quebec, who has become one of the most important figures in Canadian music.

Hip-hop shaped Loud as a person and is the genre that really touched him.

Loud is highly influenced by his hometown, Montreal, which represents a melting pot of cultures.

Loud refers to Nas as "one of the greatest, one of the ones who has inspired me the most in my life"


In 2023, Hennessy V.S marks a unique cultural milestone, celebrating a half-century of hip hop alongside the 50th birthday of the genre's most prolific, agenda-setting talent, Nas, long term friend of the brand. For Hennessy, the multi-hyphenate, multi-platinum rapper and artist captures a movement and the moment in a limited edition carafe that scans like a collage of his own life story, complete with original lyrics, high-energy color and graphics, and a portrait of the artist in black and white.