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Building a sustainable future

Conscious of its responsibilities, Hennessy set more than 20 years ago a virtuous global plan respectful of the environment.

Building a sustainable future

A pioneer in the environmental field within the Wines and Spirits sector, Hennessy was certified ISO 14001 in 1998, for its responsible action on eleven sites and twelve facilities classified environmental protection.

Today, its action in terms of Corporate and Environmental Responsibility covers its entire lifecycle and farming practices in particular chain. Bringing its partners along in this transformation, the Maison collaborates with a community of 1,600 winegrowers, representing about 32,000 hectares of vines.

Building a sustainable future

Six examples of Hennessy commitments:
1. Hennessy is committed to supporting its suppliers to reach zero herbicides by 2028.
2. Hennessy has the best ISO certifications: 14001, 22000 and 45001, and Hennessy vineyard is also certified “High environmental Value” and Sustainable viticulture Cognac” and all of our partners will have to comply with its sustainable viticulture certifications by 2025.
3. Hennessy has launched a research project to fight against grapevine trunk wood diseases and created a chair with INRA-Bordeaux-Sciences Agro.
4. In 2017, Hennessy bought an autonomous robot prototype, Ted from Naïo, to study alternatives to chemical weed control.
5. Hennessy favors fallow land to promote biodiversity by planting alternative crops. 21 hectares are already concerned in Hennessy vineyard including 10 hectares of fallow flowers and 6 hectares of preserved meadows.
6. Hennessy wants to prevent the effect of global warming and is currently funding a thesis on the adaptation of grape varieties to drought.

Building a sustainable future
Building a sustainable future


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