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Harmony in the making

Hennessy brought together two music legends in a unique peaceful location where they could experience the bliss of a moment.


Two different music personalities… On one side Alicia Keys, an international music artist, transmits her empowering music vibe to the celestial experience of Hennessy Paradis. On the other side Lang Lang, a piano prodigy and showman, brings his musical virtuosity into the Hennessy Paradis symphony.

They are two different persons with two different music styles; it's east meets west, and yet, when they meet, it creates a perfect harmony and a complete alchemy.

"It's so cool to be able to play together for what it represents. We grew up on different sides of the planet, but we were able to come together and understand each other through harmony, music, passion, and bliss, to create the feeling of "Paradis on Earth," Keys adds.

…that share common values

The two personalities love blending musical styles. They love to share their passions, and both do incredible concerts on all five continents and make the world vibrate with their music. The two musicians are significant role models for their communities.

Hennessy Paradis is on earth

Playing in perfect harmony

Crafting harmony on their shared journey, Alicia Keys and Lang Lang enter into a dynamic dance of musical spirits and notes, blending cultures and influences to pursue true beauty and positive change.

"Growing up in two different parts of the world and coming back together in this Paradis ... It felt so good! It felt like something that was waiting to happen! I mean, we've been talking about collaborating, we've been talking about getting together, we've been talking about doing music together, we've been talking about performing together, and it never happened until this moment," Keys says.

During this magical moment, this alchemy on set echoes the Paradis blend and its harmony. Hennessy Paradis is universally acclaimed. It is elegant and pleases everyone, from newcomers to connoisseurs. It is a 'cognac lover's cognac', which means it delights on many levels. On the surface, its harmony and grace are accessible to newcomers – it immediately seduces with its elegance. Yet it is also dynamic and engaging, with an aromatic complexity that true connoisseurs expect.

The cognac Hennessy Paradis elevates life to a perfect harmony, where time is suspended in the distillation of pure bliss.



Hennessy Paradis is defined by its graceful character and immediately delights with its rich copper colour. It is a perfectly balanced blend, both voluptuous and round, and combines smoothness and strength with a silky texture. Naturally, it has a flavourful and deep, persistent finish.

Hennessy Paradis was created by Maurice Fillioux in 1979 as a tribute to symphonic music. He compared the blend to ‘a symphonic orchestra’, as “classical music that takes you away and connects with your emotions.” The number of instruments in an orchestra is not necessarily a measure of its success, but rather the purity of sound it creates and the virtuosity of the conductor. The same is true for Hennessy Paradis, a union of exceptional eaux-de-vie selected for their individual qualities to work together to create a harmonious and graceful cognac.