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Abbey Road Studios x Hennessy x Megan Doherty

Through its partnership with Abbey Road Studios, Hennessy continues to strengthen advocacy and support the music and creative industries. 

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The Music Photography Awards partnership saw two cultural icons - Abbey Road Studios and Hennessy - come together to celebrate the spirit and vibrancy of music scenes across the globe and pay homage to the outstanding photographers capturing the legacy of the artists and moments defining modern music culture. 

Megan Doherty, a talented photographer from Derry, Northern Ireland, was the lucky winner of the 'Championing Scenes' award. The award highlights the importance of grassroots movements and celebrates photographers documenting subcultural music scenes worldwide. 

Hennessy had the pleasure of catching her in the midst of the celebration. 

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– You started your career in Derry: how important is it for you to stay in touch with your roots and what role does your hometown play when it comes to your photographs?

In the beginning, it was more of a resistance against Derry; it was just this small town that I wanted to get out from. But throughout time, even though I moved away, I always come back to it, so I learned to love it. So one could say that the reason why I take photos as I do, is because of the place that Derry is.

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– Your photos showcase “beauty in the mundane" – how did that come to be in the first place?

That way of thinking comes from the fact that I watch many films. And to see how the director takes something so banal and turns it into the most beautiful thing drives me to replicate it in my photographs. The more banal something is, the more I want to take it, bring it to the spotlight, and put my stamp on it. 

– What do you hope that others will see in your photographs?

When I take photos, it's my escape from everyday life. I take my camera and just get lost, and I hope that when people look at these photographs, they can get lost in the world that I'm trying to create. I hope that it gives them some solace and escape from reality. That's what my work is all about.

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– What's the biggest outtake from all this?

It's nice to see that all the time and energy that I've put into photography is coming back to me now with this award. 

– What's the best advice you can give to people just starting out in the industry? 

Keep making it work; keep going. I was a terrible photographer when I started, and look at me now. Don't be afraid to try different cameras, lenses, films, and lights; always keep an open mind and go every avenue. In the end, following your passions will lead you to your happiest self. 

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