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Breaking barriers: artist Faith XLVII pays tribute to the woman of Johannesburg

South African-born artist Faith XLVII, a pioneer among urban artists, gives us the inside story on her new mural in South Africa.


Hennessy’s authentic collaborations with avant-garde artists and great creative personalities, essentializes an eccentric allure that has leaked from the art world into culture at large. An ongoing effort to partner with artists who are part of a global movement that never stops, never settles runs deep.

Who better than Faith XLVII – a South African-born artist and embodiment of the never stop, never settle philosophy – to complete the iconic Hennessy Mural Trilogy. A trilogy that has been seven years in the making and pays tribute to South African icons. Previous tributes were Shepard Fairey who painted Mandela and Vhils who painted Yvone Chaka Chaka. Faith chose the quintessential woman of Johannesburg as her Icon.


  “With my new mural, I salute the woman of Johannesburg. The woman who has to navigate this great city, with its booming culture and bustling streets. Who has to earn a living, often supporting others while still keeping her mind focused on her dreams and abilities. Who deals with the constant struggle of staying safe while still striving to be liberated and independent. This woman is my hero of Johannesburg and this great land.”


Faith is the first female voice and first South African to join the Limited Edition series, reflecting her courage to question, to be different, to look at things in a new way. A woman that started in graffiti, a male-dominated area, Faith has always been gazing straight ahead, breaking down barriers, with traits that challenge the status quo. “I’ve always enjoyed pushing boundaries and opening new avenues of possibilities.”

Faith’s tribute to Johannesburg women, which was unveiled in Braamfontein, a creative, urban culture hub, bears witness to a bravura without a trace of self-consciousness, a mural gaining in power, in part because of its beauty as well as the importance of the message that it carries.


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