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Celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop with Hennessy cocktails

Maison Hennessy teams up with the multi-platinum artist Nas for a limited edition of Hennessy V.S and a trio of specially-made cocktails honoring the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop.


A half-century ago, Hip Hop was born in a community center in the Bronx. Less a musical style than a movement, the genre would go on to reshape pop culture all over the world. Today, the multi-talented artist Nas joins Hennessy in a celebration bridging the iconic V.S. blend, new beats, and the kind of creative vision that only improves over time. The first chapter in an ongoing collaboration...



Rooibos Rhymes is not just smooth, it makes a perfect accomplice for evenings shared among friends or appreciating festivals of music or art. On the palate, it resembles a refreshing ice tea, with all the energy of Hip Hop.

• 45 ml HENNESSY Very Special
• 120 ml rooibos soda

For 600 ml (5 cocktails):
• 600 ml water
• 6 g rooibos
• 100 g granulated white sugar
• 5 g citric acid

1. Pour the Hennessy cognac into a highball glass, filled with ice cubes.
2. Top with rooibos soda.
3. Give a quick stir to combine.
4. Garnish with an orange wedge.
5. Serve with a smile.



Powerful and distinctive, Bitter Beats follows a precise creative protocol. Place a single ice cube in a glass and — like a graffiti artist taking to the streets of New York — add a sprinkle of sugar or colorful sweetener. An instant favorite in Hennessy VIP lounges, this cocktail delivers a punch of cocoa bitters that keeps time with the Beats.

• 50 ml HENNESSY Very Special
• 10 ml Orange colored simple syrup
• 3 dashes FEE BROTHERS Aztec chocolate bitters

• 50 ml simple syrup 1:1
• 4 drops orange food coloring

1. Add the Hennessy cognac and the bitters into a mixing glass filled with ice, then stir until well-chilled.
2. Strain into a rocks glass over one large clear ice cube.
3.Garnish with pipette containing orange colored simple syrup.



A surprise in a glass, with a zesty, unexpected melange of Hennessy V.S and Campari. Its bitterness softened by bergamot essential oils and a dash of cherry, Campari joins forces with cognac in the Sedgwick Remix — so named for the avenue where hip hop was born. Today, the party that got started in 1973 keeps on rolling with Hennessy V.S. x Nas.

• 40 ml HENNESSY Very Special
• 7.5 ml CAMPARI bitter
• 100 ml Bergamot and cherry soda

For 500 ml (5 cocktails):
• 500 ml water
• 3 drops bergamot essential oil
• 1 drop cherry aroma
• 100 g granulated white sugar
• 10 g citric acid

1. Pour the Hennessy cognac into a highball glass, filled with ice cubes.
2. Top with bergamot & cherry soda.
3. Give a quick stir to combine.
4. Serve with a smile.

In 2023, Hennessy V.S marks a unique cultural milestone, celebrating a half-century of hip-hop alongside the 50th birthday of the genre's most prolific, agenda-setting talent, Nas, long term friend of the brand. For Hennessy, the multi-hyphenate, multi-platinum rapper and artist captures a movement and the moment in a limited edition carafe that scans like a collage of his own life story, complete with original lyrics, high-energy color and graphics, and a portrait of the artist in black and white.