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Hennessy's "In the Paint" program proudly presents a brand-new court in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. Designed urban artist Johann M. Báez (aka Dovente), the court was inaugurated by Joakim Noah in the presence of local dignitaries on November 1, 2023.

Hennessy NBA Dominican Republic
Hennessy NBA Dominican Republic Artist

The Energy of the Tropics

Painted in vibrant primary colors with green and orange accents, this visually striking court draws on tropical cues to convey community values and the unifying power of basketball.

Hennessy NBA Dominican Republic Stadium

The Full Picture

Viewed from above, the Santo Domingo basketball court appears like an ode to the country: from the warmth of its people to natural marvels, such as pristine beaches, majestic mountains and lush green landscapes.

Gathering for the Love of the Game

Hennessy NBA Dominican Republic J

"In the Paint" ambassador Joakim Noah welcomed Hennessy's guests to the revitalised court.

Hennessy NBA Dominican Republic b

An inspiring new look will make countless fans want to shoot ever higher.

Hennessy NBA Dominican Republic c

The "In the Paint" initiative illustrates Hennessy's ongoing commitment to sports and culture.

Hennessy NBA Dominican Republic r

Internationally recognized muralist, Dovente represents his country at events around the world.

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