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A flirtation between Hennessy Very Special and the hottest Polish music artists – the Rap & Cognac video mini-series are made for beatboxing.


Hennessy & Rap have built a strong relationship and share a history of mutual creative collaboration. Through the years more swag has been shared between these two than rappers have sung about. So in order to introduce new ways for the well-known cognac brand to be a part of this 98 Oldsmobile, Polish hip-hop artists tasted Hennessy cognac-based cocktails and answered some surprising questions.

First out was Kizo – a relative newcomer on the Polish hip-hop stage. The elegant chav, as he so nicely described himself, had the best year in his career 2019 releasing a well-received album called “Pegaz”. Starting numerous collaborations with the biggest in the genre, he still remained humble, giving himself a 7 when asked “On a scale from 1-10, how good do you think your technique is?” During the interview, Kizo also shared his favourite dance move and enthusiastically sang his favourite karaoke song “Chacaron macaron digi digi dong”, all while tasting five different Hennessy Very Special cognac drinks.

The Hennessy V.S. Cocktails

Hennessy Hero

40 ml Hennessy V.S 

20 ml lemon juice 

2 spoons of honey 

Top up with Sprite 

Fresh mint 

Orange peel 


Breakfast Martini 

40 ml Hennessy V.S

20 ml lemon juice 

2 spoons of jam (any taste) 


Golden Hope 

50 ml Hennessy V.S

10 ml Vermouth Riserva 

5 ml Fernet Branca 

5 ml peach liqueur 

5 ml Monin lemon syrup


Hennessy Friendship Pipe 

30 ml Hennessy V.S

15 ml cherry brandy liqueur 

15 ml creme de cacao liqueur 

15 ml citron vert liqueur 

2 drops of rhubarb bitters 


Hennessy Hot Twins 

40 ml Hennessy V.S

20 ml honey wine 

30 ml lemon juice 

15 ml white peach syrup 

1 piece of anise 


Hennessy V.S

Hennessy Very Special (V.S) is one of the most popular cognacs in the world. Matured in new oak barrels, Hennessy V.S is bold and fragrant. Its beguiling character is uniquely Hennessy, a timeless choice with an intensity all its own. Hennessy V.S offers toasted and fruit notes, with a rich, clearly defined palate and a welcoming exuberance.

Hennessy V.S expresses its vibrant and dynamic personality through unique artist partnerships and annual limited editions. Easy to enjoy, it’s a perfect cognac for high-energy occasions and sharing the moment.

The round and robust flavours of Hennessy V.S make it very versatile and ideal for any cocktail possibility, from classic recipes and sophisticated cocktail creations to easy mixed drinks.