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A unique, bespoken creation created with some of our most exceptional eaux-de-vie

For the first time, exceptional Hennessy demijohns, will be crafted, disclosing to the world a precious part of the Maison Hennessy’s legacy.

A unique, bespoken creation to be revealed for the first time, created with some of our most exceptional eaux-de-vie

Concealed in a dark cellar – away from curious eyes – the time has come to reveal the unseen universe of the Maison’s legacy and uncover the hidden features of some of the most exceptional eaux-de-vie. Waiting to be revealed, in demijohns created by the finest wickers, to seize the peak of their elegance. To capture the point of elegance of every one of these eaux-de-vie, the Master Blender goes beyond the conventional. A moment that is decisive, fleeting yet so fragile, and important for portraying character and tendency and predeterming the potential to indicate their apogee. Thus, each of the eaux-de-vie are able to offer everything that was hoped for in this quest for preservation. All chosen for their finesse and balance, a unique creation was therefore crafted by Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, the 8th generation of Fillioux Master Blenders.

In this blend, the elegance of age and refinement meet to create a subtle balance, composed of remarkable eaux-de-vie, expressions of the know-how and heritage. Illustrating the know-how passed on from generation to generation by each Master Blender, these rare eaux-de-vie are making this blend to be a legacy of past history. Following through on the historical continuity, the finest French artisans shrouded the demijohns in sturdy wicker and tattered, smooth leather, adding a certain allure to a craftsmanship never seen before. Vibrant colours and eye-catching compositions are handcrafted with great precision, transforming the demijohns into unique, custom made, time capsules, for a unique blend never to be replicated.

A vision that started with one person wanting to preserve a piece of the present for the future, making this moment in time truly a legacy of past history.

Confident and assertive, this exceptional blend is made from some of the scarcest eaux-de-vie in Hennessy's reserves, carefully selected and preserved in The Founder's Cellar on the family estate.

For this reason, Richard Hennessy cognac has been crafted in an extremely limited quantity: 12 tierçons, a historic barrel handcrafted in French oak by generations of cooper Masters at Hennessy's own tonnellerie, or barrel-making workshop.

In a meeting of visionary minds, Richard Hennessy's monumental legacy finds a contemporary incarnation in a bold, architectural, and graceful decanter in Baccarat crystal, as well as ritual accessories (glasses, a fusil, and a tray) designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind.

A masterpiece for a masterpiece, this aesthetically striking decanter is an art object in its own right that brilliantly expresses the character of Richard Hennessy and the cognac he inspired: it is visionary, complex, and unapologetically intense.

For Richard Hennessy, Daniel Libeskind immersed himself in the richness of history and dedication to craft, to design a bottle that is as visionary as the man who inspired it. To capture the founder's spirit, he started with a classic cognac bottle shape, imbuing the geometric, crystalline forms of Baccarat crystal with soft, organic curves that bring new energy and complexity to the cognac it contains.

The result is at once intuitive and unexpected: a monumental tribute to a pioneer.