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Richard Hennessy founded the Maison in 1765. A maison that has always kept on innovating and creating to give birth to the world's finest cognacs.


At the beginning, Richard Hennessy, an Irish officer

The Hennessy cognac distillery was founded by Richard Hennessy, an Irish officer serving in the army of Louis XV.


First deliveries of Hennessy cognac to America

Hennessy cognac starts to become more and more popular in the United States, a country that had gained its independence just 18 years before.

Spirit of conquest

Hennessy history

England - 1765

USA - 1794


Creation of V.S.O.P

The Prince of Wales, later King George IV of Great Britain, was a great connoisseur of cognac. He asked Hennessy to create a "very superior old pale cognac."
Since then the initials V.S.O.P - Very Superior Old Pale - have been used as a benchmark for the entire industry.


First deliveries of Hennessy cognac to Russia

Empress Maria Federovna asked Maison Hennessy to produce the most exceptional cognac as a birthday present for her son Czar Alexander I.
After that, the imperial family regularly ordered Hennessy cognac.


Hennessy family coat of arms, the 'Bras Armée,' becomes the brand symbol.

The iconic fist clutching a hatchet refers to founder Richard Hennessy's 12-year army career with the French, earning him French citizenship.


First deliveries of Hennessy to China

Hennessy first shipped its cognacs to the China in 1859 and was then one of the prestigious ambassador of French culture in the Orient.


Creation of a star based classification system for cognac qualities

Maurice Hennessy, great-grandson of founder Richard Hennessy, decided to create a cognac classification. He used varying numbers of stars to designate different quality, giving rise to Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, today known as V.S (Very Special). Soon this classification was adopted by the entire industry.


Maurice Hennessy creates X.O 'The Original'

Maurice Hennessy created the X.O (Extra Old) classification of Cognac. Originally for family and friends, it is today a worldwide reference for cognacs.

Spirit of conquest

Hennessy history

Russia - 1818

India - 1819

Australia - 1855

China - 1859

Malaysia - 1867

South Africa - 1892


Creation of the X.O carafe

Gerald de Geoffre de Chabrignac, Richard Hennessy's nephew, created the now distinctive X.O flacon design.


Hennessy accompanies Paul-Emile Victor

True to the brand's adventurous personality, bottles of Hennessy 3-Star cognacs accompany the Paul-Emile Victor expedition to the Arctic.


Creation of Hennessy Paradis

Master Blender Maurice Fillioux created Hennessy Paradis - a completely unique cognac that blends more than a hundred exceptional eaux-de-vie.


Creation of Richard Hennessy

Master Blender Yann Fillioux created Richard Hennessy, a cognac that approaches perfection.
Made especially for true connoisseurs, this masterpiece cognac embodies 250 years of savoir-faire and history and is bottled in numbered, hand-blown crystal carafes.

Spirit of conquest

Hennessy history

Czech Republic - 1925


Creation of Paradis Imperial

Inspired by the cognac Hennessy created for Czar Alexander I in 1818, Master Blender Yann Fillioux created Paradis Imperial. This cognac features a large proportion of eaux de vie fmor the Maison's 19th century reserve, creating a cognac of exceptional elegance, finesse and stature.

Spirit of conquest

Hennessy history