Hennessy is a story of artisans. From the vineyards to the bottle finishes, all the craftsmen cultivate a deep sense of pride in what they do. Their passion is humbling. And their mastery of their craft is absolute, for each and every one. We strive to preserve these savoir-faire within the Maison and encourage transmission.


The Maison's greatest treasure are passionate artisans who are masters of their craft.


Cultivating the integrity of our soil. Our vines. Our cognacs.

"Our job isn't just to make cognac today. It is to pass on the land and rich heritage to future generations." Mathilde Boisseau, Head of Hennessy's vines cultivation

In charge of Hennessy's vineyards, our winegrowers are committed to ensuring high quality growing practices and production are aligned with sustainability. Conserving the health of the soil and guaranteeing the longevity of our vineyards is as imperative to our winegrowers as protecting the environment at every step. One cannot exist whitout the other.



At the heat of every bottle: the distillery.

The quality of the eaux-de-vie used in Hennessy cognacs is the domain of the distillery manager. With his team of artisans, he leads the distillation process from top to bottom. From legal compliance to meeting our own strict standards. With in-depth knowledge of the region and the distillation process, tradition is respected, as is innovation.



Mastery of woodcraft.

"It is a sensorial métier. There is the smell of toasted pine, vanilla…we rely on the senses of touch, of sight, of scent.” Mathieu Survouze, Cooper

Constructing new barrels and caring for the venerable barrels in which our eaux-de-vie mature requires patience, precision and an absolute mastery of woodcraft. Passed on from generation to generation, this knowledge cannot be rushed.



Dedication to detail.

“It is a manual job that still has an artisanal side to it.” Jacky Fournet, Agent de Chais

Keeping the cellars and our invaluable collection of eaux-de-vie falls to our agents de chais, or Cellar Agents. Using very specific manual techniques, some of which have been passed down over centuries, they embody the care, precision and sense of order.



A sure hand and a keen eye.

 “When a barrel is made, the last person to touch it is, without doubt, me.” Philippe Proud, Calligrapher

The first barrel of each row in Hennessy’s prestigious cellars is meticulously inscribed by a professional calligrapher, indicating its date and origin. The font is unique to the Maison. As eaux-de-vie don’t stay indefinitely in the same barrel, chalk is used so as to easily erase the description once an eau-de-vie is transferred to another barrel.



Everything at Hennessy is built upon strong relationships.

"Alternating between office and terroir, I visit our winegrowers almost daily. Around 500 technical visits each year." Mickaël Anneraud, Director of Viticultural Relations

The liaison between the Maison and our winemaker and bouilleurs de cru - independent licensed distillers - partners. Knowledge of agriculture, viticulture and oenology is rounded out by finelytuned listening skills. Working together, they are committed to respecting the superior quality level of Hennessy's cognacs. These relationships are paramount.