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Gift guide: three distinguished cognacs of unmatched quality

There's a Hennessy for everyone – it's what makes our refined spirit one of the best gift ideas for a birthday, holiday or special person. So let’s explore some ideas.

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Bestowing a good bottle of Hennessy shows how highly you think of the person receiving it – and not for nothing; it makes you feel good about yourself too.

Hennessy X.O

The Hennessy X.O is for those who yearn for a new place to discover, a new sensation to feel, a new story to tell and share, those who are looking for that everlasting experience that leaves a trace forever. But most and foremost, it's for those who enjoy capping off a beautiful day by sipping on cognac in total tranquillity. The Hennessy X.O is a time-tested classic; its inspiration never changes and never bends to the whims of trends; it's that familiar friend that's always with you. Deep and powerful, the eaux-de-vies of this cognac are aged in young barrels and marked out by their power and energy. Their capacity to achieve a great roundness through time will treat the taste buds to spicy notes of peppery flavour intertwined with a hint of chocolate. Created in 1870, the style has remained unchanged since then, an expressive blend, a rich layering of amber hues, flavours, sensations and emotions, ideal for those who want to enjoy it neat or on the rocks.

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Hennessy V.S.O.P 


For those who are remarkably attuned to cultural moments and can barely contain their prodigious energy. All those impossible-to-ignore, charismatic entertainers out there who host the most extravagant events only to be able to enjoy a few deliberately crafted, spontaneous and never-to-be-repeated experiences; untwine a bottle of Hennessy V.S.O.P and let those late nights in cosy environments commence! Because the Hennessy V.S.O.P is anything but run-of-the-mill – it's packed with flavour. Expressing 200 years of Hennessy's know-how, this unique blend has tamed the elements to craft and embody the original concept of cognac, attracting an eclectic mix of colourful characters from all walks of life. The emotion awakened by the pleasure of tasting it continually reveals new facets of its personality. It's a great fit for those who enjoy festivities and cocktails – the V.S.O.P welds well with classic cocktails such as the Sazerac or the Old Fashioned

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Hennessy V.S 


For those who do it all, here's a cognac that does it all, too. All those out there who like to turn thoughts into action and are firm believers that even the simplest moments are as important as big occasions, the Hennessy V.S is a cognac that rejoices a life filled with easily enjoyable matter. If the mission is to discover new favourites, the potential of the V.S is full of surprises. Matured in new oak barrels, the Hennessy V.S is vibrant and fragrant and has a lovely weight in the mouth, one that you can feel still after it's been mixed up with cocktail ingredients. It offers a welcoming exuberance, and the round and robust flavours lead to a clean, crisp finish. And thanks to its versatility, it's ideal when playing amateur mixologist. Whether the preferred cocktail is a classic one, such as Hennessy Ginger or a sophisticated creation such as A Long Night in Madrid, the Hennessy V.S comes with a wide array of moments for enjoyment, making it the perfect gift for every curious mind out there. 

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  • Hennessy V.S

    Hennessy Very Special (V.S) is one of the most popular cognacs in the world. Matured in new oak barrels, Hennessy V.S is bold and fragrant. Its beguiling character is uniquely Hennessy, a timeless choice with an intensity all its own. Hennessy V.S offers toasted and fruit notes, with a rich, clearly defined palate and a welcoming exuberance.

    Hennessy V.S expresses its vibrant and dynamic personality through unique artist partnerships and annual limited editions. Easy to enjoy, it’s a perfect cognac for high-energy occasions and sharing the moment.

    The round and robust flavours of Hennessy V.S make it very versatile and ideal for any cocktail possibility, from classic recipes and sophisticated cocktail creations to easy mixed drinks.


    Since 1765, Maison Hennessy has perfected the art of cognac-making, a tradition perpetuated by eight generations of Master Blenders. A legacy of cultural openness lets Maison Hennessy shine around the world, wherever its celebrated cognacs are shared.

    In 1817, James Hennessy created a unique blend for the future King George IV of England. From the encounter of these two visionaries, was born the first Hennessy “Very Superior Old Pale,” know today as Hennessy V.S.O.P.

    The savoir-faire of the Maison Hennessy is fully expressed in this balanced cognac: the selection of eaux-de-vie, aging and assemblage. A cognac of remarkable consistency and vitality, Hennessy V.S.O.P conveys all of the savoir-faire of the Hennessy master blenders who have ensured the continued success of this harmonious assemblage for 200 years. 


  • Hennessy X.O 

    In 1870, Maurice Hennessy created Hennessy X.O for his circle of friends and introduced a new style of cognac.  Hennessy X.O is the Original, the emblematic icon of the Hennessy Maison. 
    Deep and powerful, the eaux-de-vie of this Hennessy X.O cognac are aged in young barrels and marked out by their power and energy, but also by their capacity to achieve a great roundness through time.
    Our Tasting Committee has explored every facet of the blend and identified several emotions that were assimilated to an Odyssey through 7 chapters: 

    • Sweet Notes: The palate is warmly embraced by flavors of candied fruit.
    • Rising Heat: The intriguing sensation of an intense, rising heat slowly reveals the complex taste of eaux-de-vie patiently aged in oak barrels.
    • Spicy Edge: Perception of a strong spicy cognac note, tantalising the lips and palate with its distinct peppery flavor intertwined with a hint of chocolate. 
    • Flowing Flame: A wave of warmth grows, crests and then breaks. A robust presence, full and voluptuous, is felt. 
    • Chocolate Lull: There is the gradual discovery of something very familiar. It is the well-rounded flavor of a rich, dark chocolate.
    • Wood Crunches: A striking sensation is suddenly felt – the vigorous ebb and flow of oak notes interlaced with vanilla.
    • Infinite Echo: The evanescent oak notes leave a long, omnipresent finish in their wake. Seemingly endless, it echoes all of the subtleties of each taste and sensation that has preceded it.