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Travel the world through Hennessy's Limited Editions

Our collection of special editions pay tribute to the timeless, world-famous Hennessy X.O cognac, only available for travellers.

Spirit of Travel X.O

Adventure and style are all intimately bound in journeys that crisscross the continent, so diving through sublime scenery to some of the world's most fascinating cities is just what we did with this collection of Hennessy X.O Limited Editions. And even though the landscape changed dramatically as we went from West to East – from green pastures to architecturally profound buildings – this travel exclusive collection evokes the same sensorial images and unique dream destinations around the world: prepare to be swept away and (re)discover Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, Hainan and Macau thanks to the Hennessy X.O. cognac.



When push comes to shove, few parts of the world leave you feeling the way Paris does. Famous for its iconic monuments, architecture and lifestyle that is beloved worldwide, this exclusive traveller's Limited Edition bottle encompasses café terraces, the shade of oak tree-lined streets and the city's unforgettable skyline, starring the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides and the Arc de Triomphe. Like a treasure chest, it is unravelling each of the arrondissements within Paris' periphery, opening a whole new world of tradition and a decadent new interpretation of the City of Light. Done in elegant blue and vibrant red, this luxurious design created by Hennessy captures the aspirational, dreamlike air of Paris, offering a one-way ticket to a destination among those searching for romance and the celebrated French art de vivre.

Spirit of Travel X.O Hainan


Hainan, renowned for its array of sub-tropical flora and fauna, and hidden golden sandy beaches, is a paradise island holding luxuriant valleys, scenic drives and mountain forests.
This exclusive Limited Edition cognac bottle by Hennessy captures the ocean's waves, lush green palm leaves and exotic birds in flight, bringing to life a sense of place and uncovering the hidden treasures that lie within this remarkable island. Featured in the design are the Sanya Phoenix Hotel, Tianya Haijiao and the cable-stayed Haikou Century Bridge linking Haikou city, the capital of Hainan province, to Haidian Island, a stunning hinterland wrapped around a sacred eco-system. Shades of radiant yellow and azure blue evoke a sun-kissed reverie and pay tribute to Hennessy's first shipments to China in 1859, appealing to those who dream of escaping to a destination in search of tropical adventures.



Famed for its endless array of parks and green spaces, the "Garden City" combines daring architecture and a sense of adventure that is forever present. This electric city's core lies between the dramatic backdrop, the glimmering skyscrapers and the lush greenery. This Hennessy X.O limited edition portrays the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay, the lotus-shaped Art Science Museum in the Marina Bay Sands Resort and typical shophouses. The design also invites Hennessy aficionados to discover the National Orchid Garden, dedicated to the country's national flower, where hundreds of varieties are displayed by colour. Featuring organic green and lively purple, its design conjures an Eastern reverie and pays tribute to the first shipments of the Hennessy X.O cognac to Singapore in 1893. Find the best of both worlds by uncovering a sanctuary amid the bustle, a destination renowned for its harmonious balance between nature and the city.

Spirit of Travel X.O Macau


Known as "the Vegas of the East," Macau is an island off China's south coast which has a lively multicultural vibe. Diverse as it is magnificent, this Limited Edition bottle design combines the island's dual character, from its bustling peninsula to Taipa island, just over the undulating bridge. Dig a little deeper for undeniably spectacular findings: a distinctive architectural mix spans the romantic Portuguese buildings on Senado Square, the futuristic Macau Tower, and the striking Morpheus Hotel. Sunset orange and trend-forward purple palette create the impression of total immersion in Macau's balmy days and nights, the bustle of soulful wildlife, honouring Hennessy X.O's ties to the island since 1872. The design of this limited edition is a one-way ticket to the lair of epicurean entertainment, where every yearn, in true "Vegas of the East" spirit, begins at sunrise.

Hong Kong
A travel exclusive, Hennessy X.O Hong Kong Limited Edition offers a one-way ticket to a favourite destination among Hennessy lovers who appreciate the excitement of urban getaways. This glamorous vertical city-state takes its name from its fragrant harbour and a rich history in the incense trade.

Hong Kong’s renowned skyline — with notable buildings such as I.M. Pei’s 70-storey Bank of China Tower, the Central Plaza super high-rise, and The Peak Tower — is highlighted on this exclusive travel edition. Embark on a traditional beloved red-sailed junk boat and discover the native flora, particularly the emblematic Hong Kong orchid tree and lotus flower. Brought to life in flaming magenta and energising turquoise, a design showcasing Hong Kong by night expresses urban vitality and commemorates Hennessy X.O’s ties to Hong Kong, dating to 1872. On the palate, this cognac offers a unique sensorial experience, while its intense, deep colour attests to its robustness. Flavours of candied fruit and subtle, lightly spiced tones develop in complete harmony. Its infinite echo expresses all the complexity of the cognac's blend and long aging process.


Hennessy X.O 

In 1870, Maurice Hennessy created Hennessy X.O for his circle of friends and introduced a new style of cognac.  Hennessy X.O is the Original, the emblematic icon of the Hennessy Maison. 
Deep and powerful, the eaux-de-vie of this Hennessy X.O cognac are aged in young barrels and marked out by their power and energy, but also by their capacity to achieve a great roundness through time.
Our Tasting Committee has explored every facet of the blend and identified several emotions that were assimilated to an Odyssey through 7 chapters: 

  • Sweet Notes: The palate is warmly embraced by flavors of candied fruit.
  • Rising Heat: The intriguing sensation of an intense, rising heat slowly reveals the complex taste of eaux-de-vie patiently aged in oak barrels.
  • Spicy Edge: Perception of a strong spicy cognac note, tantalising the lips and palate with its distinct peppery flavor intertwined with a hint of chocolate. 
  • Flowing Flame: A wave of warmth grows, crests and then breaks. A robust presence, full and voluptuous, is felt. 
  • Chocolate Lull: There is the gradual discovery of something very familiar. It is the well-rounded flavor of a rich, dark chocolate.
  • Wood Crunches: A striking sensation is suddenly felt – the vigorous ebb and flow of oak notes interlaced with vanilla.
  • Infinite Echo: The evanescent oak notes leave a long, omnipresent finish in their wake. Seemingly endless, it echoes all of the subtleties of each taste and sensation that has preceded it.