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A friends last gathering in Paris

A friends last gathering in Paris

After a year of intense travel around the globe, celebrating the 250 years of the Maison on all five continents, the time has come to head home and close this chapter. Surely, closing does not mean settling, as Hennessy will continue to celebrate its legacy in the near future.

The French capital was the place to host this final reunion. Last week, the main protagonists of the Tour met in an authentic Parisian palace located across from the Eiffel tower. Hennessy’s CEO Bernard Peillon shared a toast with his team and Hervé Mikaeloff, as well as with some of the artists who played an active role in the project: Tony Oursler, Pierrick Sorin, Laurent Pernot and Jonah Bokaer. This night had something special that cannot be described, like a promise of new surprises to come…

Trying to sum up such an extraordinary year is not an easy task. “Friendship” is perhaps the word that prevails over any other. Most of the contributors of the Hennessy 250 Tour began working together without knowing each other (this included me). Whether it was in China, Russia, America or Africa, we all aspired to give the best of ourselves, individually and collectively. This mutual ambition led to unforgettable moments of joy and pride. And in the end, what comes out of this common achievement is a formidable blend of new friendships. Could anyone argue that it isn’t the best blend of all?