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Transmission is the very essence of what we believe in.
Crafting unparalleled cognacs is what we do. Who we are is altogether more detailed and diverse. Our commitments – to the land, to the people who make Hennessy exceptional, to you – are deep-rooted and engrained in our mission as a company. We craft the future.



Hennessy's third sustainability report

2022 Sustainable development report

The House continues its efforts to improve its environmental and social impact.

The accelerating effects of climate change are compelling us to further enhance our efforts to preserve natural ecosystems and social bonds.

In 2022, we experimented with new, more sustainable agricultural models and 100% of our vineyards are now herbicide-free. We also continue to pursue our "Forest Destination" program, which aims to regenerate 50,000 hectares of forest by 2030 and we launched, in the Charente region of France, the agroforestry program "1000 Palisses", which aims to plant 1,000 kilometers of hedgerows over 10 years. We are also actively reducing our carbon footprint at every stage of operations.

Maison Hennessy is committed to its employees and communities. In the United States, 420 people have benefited from our program to promote education, employment and entrepreneurship. All around the world, the ""In The Paint"" project has enabled us to partner with local artists to rehabilitate basketball courts in inner-city neighborhoods, creating a true vector for solidarity.



Our commitment to forest regeneration

Forestry is one of Hennessy's strong commitments. Rooted in the Cognac region and with a global presence, the Maison is committed, with its "Forest Destination" programme, to regenerating 50,000 hectares of forest in France and around the world by 2030.

Maintaining a close relationship with the forest is essential for the Maison, as it is the meeting of the oak wood in the barrels and the eaux-de-vie that gives rise to the cognacs, but above all, it is a way of ensuring that the soil is in better health for future generations.
In France, this can be seen in initiatives in the Bois de la Celle and the Bois de Bagnolet, but also in the forests of the Cognac region. Since 2020, Hennessy has been working with Reforest'Action to establish local agroforestry and reforestation programmes that are adapted to the needs of local populations and respect ecosystems and biodiversity.

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We are our people

Hennessy human cognac

At Hennessy, people are the heart and soul of the Maison.

No achievement would be possible without the more than 1,000 people who contribute their talent at every level of Hennessy.

Longstanding relationships attest to our sense of social responsibility, and a culture of openness and exchange that is nurtured constantly. We support and honor gender equality and diversity in the workplace, and we make every effort to encourage growth and advancement. As everyone at Hennessy knows, we are the guardians of a savoir-faire without which the Maison could not achieve excellence year after year for more than two and a half centuries.


A pioneering commitment to sustainable viticulture

Biodiversity through agroforestry

Today, Hennessy is going further and accelerating its practices to promote biodiversity in vineyards through an agroforestry program. On 40 hectares of our vineyards, we are planting shrub hedges and trees to create ecological corridors between biodiversity reserves. With over 5,000 trees representing 30 different species and more than 4 km of hedges, we are restoring a more sustainable ecosystem that benefits our planet.

Our comitment

Leading every step of the way.

The exceptional character of our heritage gives us an important responsibility. The land has given us much. Giving back is vital. We practice and preach sustainable viticulture at every step of our product lifecycle. A pioneer in environmental management and protection, we are proud to uphold our official certification.

Hennessy terroir cognac

Blending of techniques

Our terroir is precious and on our 180 hectares of vines, we cultivate and trial practices to protect and transmit a wine-growing heritage rooted in “living” soils.

Our research takes us onto paths that combine technological innovation – confined-spray tractors, an experimental robot for mechanical weeding in the rows – and a return to traditional practices: pruning, floral fallow plants and eco-grazing using sheep.

Our comitment


It's bigger than we are

What goes around comes around.

We have intentionally created a ‘virtuous circle’ around Charentais know-how. We proudly lead a sector that benefits more than 50,000 people in the region and makes this  area so dynamic. We are the direct employers of nearly 1,000 people, and we maintain exclusive collaborations with 1,600 winegrowers and 20 distillers in the region. 

Hennessy circular economy cognac

Keeping our footprint local and light

Consciously staying within the community.

In terms of purchasing, we source close to half of our needs from local suppliers. 85% is made in France. This is by design. We make use of local talent in industries like cooperage, glass works, packaging and logistics. The value of French excellence secures these jobs  over the long term,  another aspect of our commitment to  sustainability.

Hennessy circular economy 2

Why circularity is more sustainable

The big (simple) idea: recycle resources.

Putting circular sustainability at the heart of Hennessy has led to initiatives on all production sites. These initiatives, like transforming our distilleries’ cooling system into a closed circuit, have allowed us to reduce water consumption by 90%. Recovery tanks collect and store rainwater to meet the vineyard’s needs. New packaging projects are subject to an environmental assessment. We recover byproducts and repurpose or recycle wherever possible. 

Hennessy circular economy 3

Another way to recycle: transform

We give by products a new purpose. 

Hennessy waste is recycled on average at more than 96% * by material or energy recovery. We don’t just talk about limiting our environmental impact. For instance, distillation residues have been treated in Cognac since the 1970s, producing biogas. The green energy generated heats greenhouses in the region, and produces green electricity through cogeneration. 

Hennessy circular economy 3


With moderation

Hennessy responsible drinking

We wholeheartedly support moderation

Hennessy is accutely aware of the individual and societal consequences of alcohol abuse. To that end, we have drawn up and signed a responsible consumption charter that all employees must be familiar with and follow scrupulously. We consider the consumption of our products responsible when intended for pleasure and in moderation, with constant care neither to lose self-control nor endanger the health or safety of oneself or others. In addition, we always promote moderate enjoyment of our cognacs, knowing it enables all to better appreciate their rarity and the know-how behind them.

Every employee is an ambassador

As employees of the Maison, we are all ambassadors of the brand and of the responsible consumption we encourage Hennessy connoisseurs to adopt. This is a cornerstone of all our communications. We have established clear guidelines for all messaging so that we always promote our philosophy that fine cognac is to be savored and sipped. We want all who enjoy Hennessy to learn more about what they are drinking. To experience the story, not just the spirit and, ultimately, to fill conversations and moments, not just glasses.


We take part

Hennessy social responsibility

Contributing time, expertise and unwavering support.

The Maison supports various causes and organizations through social inclusion, training, sponsoring and partnership programs. Regular contributions to local communities include, for example, mentoring and outreach programs for disadvantaged situation (100 opportunities, 100 jobs); contracts for partnerships and special needs sponsorships (L'Arche en Charente), as well as a cultural program that is open to the general public. Free programming at Les Quais Ici ou Ailleurs in Cognac, for example, offers access to exhibitions and other cultural events.


We are committed to excellence without compromise

Leading the way in product safety.

Hennessy adheres to strict French food safety regulations. However, we choose to go further with certification, extending our rigor to the 130 countries in which we are present. There are many provisions to this exacting protocol, including an exhaustive analysis of every one of our 147 steps of production. We have made a solemn commitment to product traceability and excellence, and we take it seriously.

Hennessy social responsibility


Our platform dedicated to transparency and the origins of our products

Learn more about how our cognacs are made.

As part of a more responsible and committed approach to our region, our company has decided to take the next step in terms of transparency on its environmental and social impact.

The Hennessy Transparency platform allows you to discover the origin of the raw materials used in our products, our partners’ location and commitments, and details on our production and shipping sites. A dedicated space to discover the different players involved throughout our supply chain.

Plateforme Transparence