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V.S.O.P Privilège multi-layered Limited Edition by Carnovsky - 2016 Dec 20 - In keeping with the Maison’s tradition of supporting the arts, Hennessy celebrates V.S.O.P Privilège with annual limited editions by esteemed artists. On the eve of its 200th anniversary, Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège explores its legacy through the unique – and multi-layered – vision of the Milan-based artistic duo Carnovsky.
Very Special Limited Edition by Scott Campbell - 2016 Dec 20 - Over the past few years, Hennessy has collaborated with groundbreaking artists such as Kaws, Futura, Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey and Ryan McGinness to create a new Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle every year. In 2016, Hennessy extended the invitation to tattoo artist Scott Campbell, one of the most popular and most celebrated tattoo artists on the planet.
Unveiling the First Edition of Master Blender’s Selection - 2016 Dec 19 - Every artist, composer and master craftsman has a secret project on the side, an endeavor pursued simply for creativity’s sake.

After 18 months of renovation work, the new Maison Hennessy visitor tour was opened today. The entirely updated Hennessy Tours route takes visitors to the heart of the experience, at the very centre of the Maison's historic site. The local personalities present for the opening had the opportunity to discover a preview of the "Next Stop Hennessy" exhibition, together with the artists whose original works will be available to view in Cognac throughout the summer.

A friends last gathering in Paris - 2015 Oct 30 - After a year of intense travel around the globe, celebrating the 250 years of the Maison on all five continents, the time has come to head home and close this chapter. Surely, closing does not mean settling, as Hennessy will continue to celebrate its legacy in the near future.
Celebrating 250 years of legacy in South Africa - 2015 Sep 07 - Our reporter recounts the highlights of the Hennessy 250 Tour Opening in Johannesburg
A day in the life of a New York rapper - 2015 Aug 02 - Our reporter follows DonMonique, a young and ambitious hip hop artist making her way to the top.
Taking New York by storm - 2015 Jul 30 - The Hennessy 250 Tour is more than an exhibition celebrating legacy, it's a stage where artists can create and share their message.
"I’m fascinated by the idea of the future" - 2015 Jul 29 - American visual artist Daniel Arsham talks about his creation for the Hennessy 250 Tour and about his obsession with time.
Un nouveau circuit de visite Hennessy - 2015 Jul 28 - Après avoir accueilli son millionième visiteur, le circuit de visite Hennessy, modèle du genre lors de sa création en 1996, se renouvelle intégralement cette année pour proposer un concept entièrement repensé. Les visiteurs pourront alors vivre une expérience unique, contemporaine et immersive autour des savoir-faire spécifiques de la Maison Hennessy.

Une histoire à découvrir en 3 chapitres : « L’esprit d’un conquérant », « Des métiers et des hommes », « Hennessy à travers le monde ». Un moment de dégustation sera proposé pour conclure cette immersion au cœur de l’univers de la Maison.

Le circuit, actuellement fermé, ouvrira ses portes pour la nouvelle saison, le 23 mai 2016.

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"Reaching beyond scenography" - 2015 Jul 24 - The New York-based choreographer talks about his creation for the Hennessy 250 Tour, which was created in collaboration with his friend, the visual artist Daniel Arsham.
What you missed in New York last week - 2015 Jul 17 - The highlights of the Hennessy 250 Tour Opening at Lincoln Center
Behind the scenes at the Bolshoi Theatre - 2015 Jun 29 - Our reporter takes an intimate look inside the famous Russian institution
Moscow Metro: where past and present meet - 2015 Jun 26 - Our reporter takes us for a cultural ride under the Russian ground
"I hope my work will travel through time" - 2015 Jun 24 - Olga Kisseleva defines herself as an artist researcher. With “Dancing Spirits”, a series of photographs gathered in a three-minute video, she retraces the relationship between Russia and Hennessy.
Moscow's sleepless nights - 2015 Jun 20 - Our reporter tells us how Russians do Saturday night
"We share a strong message of legacy" - 2015 Jun 10 - Interview with Valérie-Anne Creps, Head of Communication for Hennessy Russia
What you missed in Russia last week - 2015 Jun 06 - The best moments of the Hennessy 250 Tour Grand Opening in Moscow
Moscow New Manege: the installation week in pictures - 2015 May 25 - Taking a look back at the set up of the Hennessy 250 exhibition and gala dinner
Introducing The Hennessy 250 Tour in Moscow - 2015 May 23 - Russia will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Maison next week at the New Manege. Meanwhile, French and Russian teams are working on the installation of the Hennessy 250 exhibition and gala event. More surprises to come!
Introducing the Chinese overseas team: Final Part - 2015 May 18 - We are wrapping up the Guangzhou interviews before moving on to Russia later this week. Today we talk with Tommie Li, from the Prestige range team. Although she was given a man’s name, “which can be confusing for others” she says laughing, Tommie is an elegant and ambitious 30 year-old-woman, dedicated to her job and thrilled to take part in the Maison’s 250th anniversary.
When youth and creativity meet - 2015 May 14 - For its 250th anniversary, Hennessy invited a group of influential Instagrammers to shoot an empty department store in Berlin. Our reporter joined the fun!
The Hennessy 250 Tour stops in Berlin - 2015 May 08 - Germany celebrates this week the Maison's 250th anniversary at the KaDeWe department store. Our reporter was there.
The delicate art of Shadow Puppetry - 2015 May 05 - Our reporter from the Hennessy 250 Tour presents the fascinating world of Chinese puppeteers
Interview with chinese visual artist Yang Yongliang - 2015 Apr 25 - "With the anniversary tour, Hennessy is celebrating its long history in bringing multi-media art to various countries"
Charles Sandison talks about the Hennessy 250 exhibition - 2015 Apr 22 - According to the British artist, each venue of the Hennessy 250 exhibition will create a new dynamic.
Huangpu port: the historic gateway for trade in China - 2015 Apr 17 - Our reporter from the Hennessy 250th anniversary takes a look at Guangzhou's oldest harbor, once the most important gateway for trade in South China
Bar culture in China - 2015 Apr 15 - Kelvin Wood recently opened “Sip Till Morning”. His bar offers a unique cocktail experience in Guangzhou. It’s a place where bartenders create and present their own menu with a list of self-styled cocktails. Definitely the kind of place where Hennessy belongs.
We own the night - 2015 Apr 15 - Visiting Guangzhou for the first time, I had no idea what to expect of the Chinese nightlife. I was told Hennessy has a foothold in the country but I wanted to see it with my own eyes. To really dive down into the heart of the Chinese night, I needed a local’s help, and preferably someone aware of the new trends. This is when Kelvin Wood comes into play.
Introducing the Chinese overseas team - 2015 Apr 04 - I had a chat recently with Elvina Tsun, Brand director of Hennessy Prestige & Ultra Prestige range for China. The Hennessy 250 exhibition was in full swing at the Guangzhou Opera House and Elvina was running in all directions, greeting guests and helping with the organisation of the event. We eventually managed to sit down a moment to talk about her work.
Guangzhou: A city of lights and colors - 2015 Mar 27 - While the Hennessy 250 Tour was in full swing at the Opera House, I took some time to wander around Guangzhou and capture the essence of the city. Commonly known for being the main manufacturing hub of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has a lot more to offer. Also, experiencing the local life of this modern capital was easier than expected. Before we go any further, here is a quick peek at the town.
Hennessy marks the day - 2015 Mar 23 - The Hennessy 250 Tour inauguration in Guangzhou was an event-filled week marked by moments of intense emotions. From the 17th to the 19th of March, visitors from China and the Pacific Region flocked to Guangzhou Opera House to discover the Maison’s anniversary exhibition and its new creation: The Hennessy 250 Collector Blend. Let’s turn now to some of the highlights of this very special moment.
Live from Guangzhou Opera House - 2015 Mar 16 - The Hennessy 250 Tour will officially start in a few hours in Guangzhou Opera House, one of the most spectacular buildings of the South China capital. It took more than one hundred men and women to complete the installation of this ambitious exhibition, which is presented as a cultural festival celebrating Hennessy’s legacy through the eyes of eleven renowned artists. But before we reveal the content of our 250th anniversary exhibition, let’s take a look back at the events that marked the past week.
Hennessy 250 Tour Press Launch - 2015 Feb 12 - Hennessy will launch in March The Hennessy 250 Tour, a worldwide event that brings together heritage and contemporary art to celebrate Hennessy’s 250th anniversary. Announced on Thursday the 5th of February, The Hennessy 250 Tour will travel on all continents in the coming months. For this occasion, a group of journalists from all over the world was invited to Cognac to discover the layout of the Tour and get acquainted with the Maison’s unique way of making cognac.
Introducing The Hennessy 250 Tour - 2015 Feb 02 - The time has come to reveal our new exciting project
Revealing the Time Barrel - 2015 Jan 30 - An unexpected surprise was presented last week in Cognac. See it for yourself!
Discovering Hennessy : The barrel-making factory - 2015 Jan 17 - The Maison has its own cooperage called La Tonnellerie de la Sarrazine. This 250 years old fabrication unit produces thousands of hand-made casks each year. Skilled craftsmen (and women) make these treasure chests for future great cognacs.
Discovering Hennessy : The Founder's Cellar - 2015 Jan 17 - After the distillation, comes the ageing time. The distilled beverages are placed in casks hewn from oak trees, exclusively from French forests. Over 300,000 casks rest in Hennessy cellars; the Founder’s cellar being the most emblematic of them all. Many of the eaux de vie stored here are over a hundred years old.
Discovering Hennessy : The Distillery du Peu - 2015 Jan 17 - Hennessy precious elixirs start their journey at the Distillerie du Peu, on the banks of Charente in southern France.
Les Caves Particulières at Charles de Gaulle airport - 2014 Oct 09 - In these last moments before leaving France, Les Caves Particulières offer taste buds and senses a final chance for exploration. Jean-Michel Wilmotte has perfectly captured the creative energy of Hennessy. By reinterpreting the world of Cognac and that of Champagne he has acted as a cellar master who combines a variety of natural elements to produce a single unique creation. Faithful to Moët Hennessy's values, his design is traditional but possesses a contemporary beauty.
Hennessy Very Special by Shepard Fairey
Take a closer look - 2014 Aug 05 -
Hennessy Very Special
Limited Edition by Shepard Fairey - 2014 Aug 04 - test
Masters at Work - 2014 Apr 17 - Hennessy is pleased to introduce you to Paolo Pininfarina and senior designer Antony Margiasso to talk about the the project of redesigning the Hennessy Very Special bottle.
Hennessy launches a Very Special Campaign - 2014 Apr 09 -
Cocktail chronicle - Act V - 2014 Jan 29 - As an inexhaustible source of creation, the cocktail broke through all boundaries from 1988 onwards and became a sight to behold. Now firmly entrenched in society, the art of blending liquids is constantly reinventing itself, and can be enjoyed wherever you are in the world. With all its media attention, the cocktail has reached an unparalleled level of popularity.
Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection IV application - 2014 Jan 21 -
Cocktail Chronicle - Act IV - 2013 Dec 17 - With the discovery of new ingredients and more sophisticated liquors, the bartenders’ universe became a profession in its own right. With creativity and know-how as guiding lights, the emergence of professional organizations added kudos to a trend that was evolving into an art form. The use of the cocktail had become more accessible, reaching the four corners of the world, where professionals and amateurs sought out unique drinks.
The Barrel-making factory - 2013 Dec 09 - The Barrel-making factory cooperage firm is located in Cognac, and its main objectives are the manufacture, maintenance and repair of the casks used to age and mature eaux-de-vie for the Hennessy cognac house.
The Tasting Room - 2013 Nov 19 - The Hennessy Tasting Committee happens in a historical place, it carries with it, more so than anywhere else, all the values that are treasured by the Maison Hennessy. At a set time every day, a meeting is held with expert-oenologists, all focused on what is essential, the tastes and selection of eaux-de-vie.
Cocktail chronicle - Act III - 2013 Nov 18 - At the start of the 20th century, right in the middle of prohibition, America was actually reinventing the future of the cocktail. As a perfect way of getting around prohibition laws, the art of blending became more widespread, and even concealed the taste of alcohol, which was banned by authorities at the time. With its added fruit juice, the cocktail became a drink of the alternative culture, a secret circle that lived outside the law.
Cocktail chronicle - Act II - 2013 Nov 08 - The cocktail really took off right in the middle of the 18th century. This was a century which invented the art of blending liquids with, it was claimed, complex properties which had the ability to heal many diseases. Starting with the much-lauded curative benefit of the cocktail, let's take a look back at some dates and anecdotes about the origin of the name which has now become a phenomenon and a form of art de vivre.
Discover House of Hennessy, at London Heathrow airport - 2013 Nov 04 - For the first time ever, Hennessy is proud to welcome you in the House of Hennessy. An innovative and dedicated pop-up store concept in exclusive travel retail locations. This new Cognac destination showcases Hennessy’s savoir faire and its cognac range in an interactive environment, inviting international travellers to a sensorial journey to discover the many facets of the world’s leading cognac brand.
Château de Bagnolet - 2013 Oct 24 - Since its acquisition in 1841 by Auguste and Irene Hennessy and over the centuries that followed, the Château de Bagnolet has been a testament to the family's destiny. Today it forms part of the Maison's heritage, and guests flock to enjoy the enchanting views over the picturesque surrounding countryside. Let's take a guided tour.
The Founder’s Cellar - 2013 Oct 07 - The Founder’s Cellar is the symbol of a heritage: behind its imposing gates, rest the Maison’s very oldest eaux-de-vie. This confidential space is rarely unveiled and contains the exceptional essence of the best Hennessy Cognacs. We take an exclusive visit to the place that pays tribute to Richard Hennessy.
Cocktail chronicle - Act I - 2013 Aug 08 - The cocktail is a taste experience that has existed for three hundred years. The technique appeared in the mid-17th century, first used by liquor merchants and distillers to keep fruits and spices from spoiling. While no one today can precisely certify the date of its invention, everyone can agree on the merits of complex liquid mixtures from a variety of horizons.
Distillerie du Peu - 2013 Aug 07 - Distillerie du Peu demonstrates an original process, in use since the 16th century. The property of Hennessy since 1947, this is one of the largest distilleries in the region. In this one-of-a-kind place, ten lustrous stills transform wine into spirits to be blended into Hennessy cognacs.
Paradis Imperial tasting ritual - 2013 Jul 24 - Maison Hennessy has imagined a majestic way to present Hennessy Paradis Imperial uniqueness, history & product speech: an Organ
Futura in Melbourne for Hennessy Very Special - 2013 Apr 10 - On March 14th 2013, Futura flew into Melbourne to launch Limited Edition in Australia. As part of his 2-day visit, Futura escorted media representatives around Fitzroy, the epicentre of Melbourne's vibrant street art scene, which the graffiti legend rates as a top destination for street art globally. Accompanying Futura that day was urban-style investigator, Lester Jones, from I Dig Your Sole Man - a sneaker based street blog. Here is his video which captures that journey.
WEARING HENNESSY - 2012 Oct 05 - In the U.S.A, Hennessy is the darling of the hip-hop world. So it's only logical that street clothing designer Crooks & Castles would partner with the Brand for an exclusive line of clothing and accessories.
Hennessy's first artistic blend bottle - 2012 Oct 05 - In 2010, artists Kesh and Burrows combined their unique styles to kick off Hennessy 's series of artistic limited edition V.S bottles
An infinite source of inspiration - 2012 Oct 02 - Creating. Blending. Inspiring.
Reinventing cognac - 2012 Sep 27 - From innovation comes future classics
A delectable blend - 2012 Sep 10 - East meets West and teases the palate in Hennessy's X.O Appreciation Grows Tour, to the delight of the guests
Richard Hennessy, founder and visionary - 2012 Sep 03 - 4 dates punctuated this great destiny
Keeping art alive - 2012 Aug 15 - Hennessy has always supported artists, and that means graffiti as well.
Inspiring creators - 2012 Jul 23 - Luxury reflects greatness.
Hennessy at Blues Passions festival - 2012 Jul 09 - Hennessy has supported the Blues Passions festival in Cognac ever since its inception in 1994.
The Selby is in Hennessy's place - 2012 Jul 01 - A photo exhibition showcases American photographer Todd Selby's take on Hennessy's cognac-making traditions
A Hennessy Very Special with a splash of color - 2012 Jun 04 - The bright label designed by artist KAWS in 2011 gave a bold new look to a Hennessy classic.
Arik Levy's jewel case for Hennessy X.O Mathusalem - 2012 Jun 04 - Hennessy X.O Mathusalem is a landmark, a timeless classic.
What is this Wild Rabbit? - 2012 Jun 01 - Hennessy's "Wild Rabbit" US campaign is meant to provoke thought.
A tooled leather case designed by Berluti for Mathusalem X.O. - 2009 Oct 01 - Two artistic worlds at the peak of their expression. Olga Berluti takes her view inspired by the world of cognac and creates a leather-clad case for Hennessy's Mathusalem X.O.