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Introducing The Hennessy 250 Tour

Introducing The Hennessy 250 Tour

The time has come to reveal our new exciting project

A journey around the world

This is the moment we have been all waiting for, it's time for us to reveal our new exciting project: The Hennessy 250 Tour. A worldwide event that brings together heritage and contemporary art to celebrate Hennessy’s 250th anniversary. Hennessy has conceived a unique art exhibition that will travel around the world. The journey starts in the French region of Cognac - where it all began for Hennessy 250 years ago - and will go to China, Russia, America, Africa and Europe where the Tour will have its “Grand Finale” in Paris next September. To make such an important event possible, our teams have been on the ground brainstorming, arranging and preparing the Tour. These last months have been very intense but we are finally ready to start the journey.

Follow our reporter

Before we go any further, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Jeremy Suyker; I’m a freelance reporter and photographer. Hennessy has asked me to follow their Tour around the world and to capture the best moments of this great adventure. I’m honored and thrilled to accomplish such a mission. When I’m on assignment doing a story I like to work from the backstage, where things stay unseen or hidden most of the time. My job will be to reveal them in order to make the experience as real as possible. I will be your eyes and ears on this Tour. This blog was created to make you travel and discover Hennessy's universe of talents as well as to understand -and appreciate- the Maison's unique legacy.