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Interview with chinese visual artist Yang Yongliang

Interview with chinese visual artist Yang Yongliang

"With the anniversary tour, Hennessy is celebrating its long history in bringing multi-media art to various countries"

Why did you take part in the Hennessy 250 Tour?

Hennessy is celebrating its long history in bringing multi-media art to various countries. In my art practice I try to interpret traditional spirit and aesthetics with up-to-date skills and techniques. There’s a good connection!

Tell us about your piece presented in Guangzhou, “Kaleidoscopic Fluid”?

Kaleidoscopic Fluid observes tides of the ocean through a motionless but ever-changing lens. Water connects the world as a whole, no matter large as an ocean or small in a drop. It fosters the nature and it carries human civilization from one generation to the next. A still shot somehow measures the water, it could be seen as a container isolating a certain square of the fluid. Within it the fluid spreads and transforms---though the container is limited, its capacity isn’t.

How is this work related to Hennessy?

I try to depict a square of kaleidoscopic fluid as my interpretation of the exceeding sensory satisfaction a glass of cognac could bring. When you look closely at cognac, it doesn’t only contain liquor, but a full-bodied brand culture that sustains overseas and throughout the passing of time.

How would you best describe your art?

I’m interested in exploiting the connection between traditional art and the contemporary. I see my work as an expanding meta-narrative that draws from history, myth and social culture, and plays out in the context of the city and its ever-changing landscapes.

What does the 250th anniversary mean to you?

I love the idea that Hennessy celebrates its history in bringing multi-media art on tour to different countries. It’s my pleasure to celebrate with Hennessy for its 250th anniversary and I hope the best for the brand’s future.

How do you think art will evolve in the next 50 years in China?

New media has become an artistic expression, I believe in the next 50 years it will be further explored by artists and more widely presented, in China as well as internationally. Not only the way of expression, but also how people perceive it. An expansion on medium would definitely be something I’m looking forward to see.