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Introducing the Chinese overseas team: Final Part

Introducing the Chinese overseas team: Final Part

We are wrapping up the Guangzhou interviews before moving on to Russia later this week. Today we talk with Tommie Li, from the Prestige range team. Although she was given a man’s name, “which can be confusing for others” she says laughing, Tommie is an elegant and ambitious 30 year-old-woman, dedicated to her job and thrilled to take part in the Maison’s 250th anniversary.

Tommie, what can you tell us about your relation with Hennessy?

Well, I joined the Maison in 2011 and I started working for the Prestige range team. My job consists in taking care of our Prestige blends: Paradis, Paradis Imperial and Richard Hennessy. And in addition to that this year, we have the new Hennessy 250 Collector Blend!

How would you describe your daily routine?

Basically, what we do in the marketing department is taking care of the communication of the brand. This includes advertising and events and also working on the promotion of the products from the Prestige range. Before we were a small team but with the Anniversary Tour, we have about 20 people supporting us now!

How did you take part in the Anniversary project?

I started working on the project last October. We had already chosen the venue and we had the concept developed by the Maison. What we did then is provide Hennessy with a local consultancy and we worked on the event’s content and the logistic part.

What does the 250th anniversary mean to you?

I feel proud to be taking part in this big event. I really learned a lot about the history of Hennessy thanks to the exhibition. There’s a lot to discover about the heritage and the values of the Maison. Although we live far away from Cognac, the event helped to reduce this distance. And we can now blend all this new information into our communication. It was very useful for our staff!

How do you see Hennessy evolving in China in the next 50 years?

From my understanding of the Chinese market, Hennessy has a long history here. The cognac lovers in China are loyal consumers. Whether it is the Prestige range products or VSOP, they all found their position in the Chinese market. So I think that in the next 50 years, China will still be a number one market for Hennessy and that our foundations will only grow stronger.