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Reinventing cognac

Reinventing cognac

From innovation comes future classics

Hennessy X.O is a perfect example. From its invention by Maurice Hennessy to Arik Levy's spectacular interpretation of the Mathusalem, Hennessy X.O illustrates the brand’s innovative history. Only two years after its creation in 1870, X.O won China and gave the world a particular notion of luxury and a radically new approach to ageing eaux-de-vie. In 1947, Maurice Hennessy’s great-grandson Gérald de Geoffre de Chabrignac breathed new life into X.O. A single inspired pencil stroke gave rise to an avant-garde decanter, crowned with vine branches engraved into the glass. A lesson in reinventing tradition… X.O was a true success. Its elegant, understated modern design became a classic that inspired Hennessy Maison in future prestige creations. For Hennessy, innovation is second nature that finds expression a thousand ways. In 1865, after the Maison established its own bottling workshop, Maurice Hennessy invented a ranking system with stars that was so widely accepted, it eventually became the standard for cognacs. In 1947, the company set up a vineyard-laboratory in Grande Champagne, aiming to always remain at the forefront of quality. Hennessy was the first brand to develop its own graphic identity. The company showed pioneering vision in the late nineteenth century when it fully grasped the importance of advertising. Its slogan was already both ambitious and audacious: "Hennessy, the leading brand."