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The Barrel-making factory

The Barrel-making factory

The Barrel-making factory cooperage firm is located in Cognac, and its main objectives are the manufacture, maintenance and repair of the casks used to age and mature eaux-de-vie for the Hennessy cognac house.

Ancestral know-how handed down for over 250 years

The huge range includes nearly 350,000 casks, and covers traditional 270-litre oak casks ringed with chestnut, standard barriques and traditional barrels from the Cognac area. The cooperage is also home to rarer barrels that contain 540 litres and are known as tierçons. Their exceptional qualities give rise to the creation of particularly subtle eaux-de-vie.
The casks are manufactured and maintained entirely by hand, which requires a high level of dexterity, found in the unique know-how that the cooperage has been passing down from generation to generation for almost 250 years. Master Coopers are trained by previous generations and they transmit their knowledge of these age-old skills, in turn, to the younger generations. Sarrazine is one of the last cooperages to implement these traditional practices, using carefully-preserved tools that have been lovingly maintained for several generations.