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Hennessy launches a Very Special Campaign

A new advertising campaign

Hennessy, the world’s favourite luxury cognac brand, is launching its new advertising campaign in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania under the tagline Never Stop. Never Settle.
It personifies, through its protagonist, the story of those who strive and are successful beyond only material wealth. They continue to work through setbacks, love the thrill of the journey of chasing their goal, and have an inner clock ticking and signifying they can’t rest on their laurels. Their inner-drives push them to share their own search for success: helping others Never Stop. Never Settle and ultimately leaving a legacy bigger than their own.

Never Stop. Never Settle philosophy

Developed specifically for Africa by McCann Worldwide creative agency, and produced by Velocity Afrika, the ad took three days to shoot, with 120 cast and 85 crew on hand. The 30 seconds TV ad is complemented with an Out of Home campaign with visual references that demonstrate our Never Stop. Never Settle philosophy by showing our protagonist crafting his skill, perfecting his talent and enjoying the success that follows.

When will I stop ?
Once the world has heard me ?
When everyone knows my name?
Or when I’ve opened more doors for others?
I’ll never stop… … when there’s still so much to do

Hennessy, Never Stop. Never Settle"